altSometimes second interviews can involve lunch or dinner
Should you have a discussion in an office, which then continues over a meal, you are “interviewed” in both instances. How you react, what you say and do, is under review until you say goodbye.

The following guidelines can assist you:alt

  • Follow the lead of your host(s) regarding which items to order. You may want to ask, “What do you recommend?” so that you will have an idea of what they are likely to order.
  • Order items within the same price range or lower. Never order the most expensive meal on the menu.
  • Order something that is easy to eat — stay away from items such as Crab, Sushi, Ribs, kebab, soup, and spaghetti. * Beware of finger food, you want to be able to eat small bites without dropping or spilling anything.
  • If others are ordering an appetizer , you should do the same. If no one orders dessert, you should refrain.
  • Do not order alcohol in an interview setting. If you are at a group dinner or a cocktail reception where wine is served and your hosts are having a glass, you can have a glass to be sociable, but don’t drink all of it.
  • Just ask a few questions during the meal. Keep answers short and concise. You might end up with a full plate of food when others are ready for coffee. A meal may be a good time to ask your interviewer(s) about his or her career path(s).

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