altThe following are samples of questions prepared to start you thinking about questions you can ask in an interview.

Don’t memorize these questions as it is only a guideline as to what you may ask

  • What is your expectations for the person in this role- what are the key skills/strengths for this position?
  • What are the characteristics that the achievers in your company seem to share?
  • How important is teamwork?
  • What would I be expected to accomplish in the first six months?
  • What are some of the department’s on-going and anticipated special projects?
  • Identify a typical career path in your organization for someone with my qualifications.
  • How does your performance Management system work?
  • What is the retention at the company?
  • What in-house training programs do you have?
  • What are the challenging facets of this job?
  • What industry trends will occur in this company?
  • Describe the work environment.
  • Who are your clients?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What software programs do you use?
  • Is it company policy to promote within?
  • What is the overall structure of the department where this position is located?
  • What is the next step in the hiring process for this position?
  • Will I work independently or with others?
  • Who directly supervises this position? What is his or her background? What's he or she like?
  • Are there any recent or anticipated changes in the structure of the organization (mergers, joint ventures, Projects on the horizon)?
  • What is the company policy on further studies?
  • How soon can I expect to hear from you?

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