altThe following is some of the factors you should try and avoid:

  • Being late for an interview
  • Handing in a sloppy application form
  • Having poor personal appearance (Not only clothes but also the way you sit , stand and walk)
  • Being passive and indifferent
  • Criticising past employers
  • Giving general or indefinite answers to questions
  • Talking too much in an interview
  • Being over confident – being too arrogant, conceited with a “I know-it-all” attitude
  • Having a lack of career goals or no career plan
  • Having low confidence, be nervous, ill at ease - like fumbling with your hands and not be able to sit still
  • Indicating that you will expect too much too soon
  • Making excuses, evasive, dishonest on unfavourable factors on record
  • Being Prejudiced (have no courtesy) towards others viewpoints
  • Lacking maturity
  • Being cynical and tactless
  • Unwillingness to relocate
  • Placing too much emphasis on money
  • Keeping your mobile phone switched on
  • Having bad eye contact with interviewer
  • Showing no interest in company or industry
  • Showing no enthusiasm and interest in particular role
  • Expressing yourself poorly with a frail voice and incorrect diction and grammar

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